Bitcoin Advertising
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Advertising for Bitcoin Services is not so easy as you think...

Whether you have a (new) business, a (new) product or just want to promote a Crypto service with your reflink. For Bitcoin products it is very difficult to advertise in established advertising channels. Because unfortunately, for example on Google Ads, Bing Ads and also on Facebook ads with content like Bitcoin or other crypto topics are forbidden. So where to advertise? We were also faced with this question for this project here and have therefore gone on a search and would like to introduce you to some ad networks that we have tested and found to be good. The best thing is that there is even an advertising network that gives away daily credits, but more about that later...

Advertise with Anonymous Ads

Book advertising and buy traffic

Take advantage of the growing online advertising market today. Make your product or company known by sending desired advertising to users in the form of emails, forced and unforced banner or text link insertions and much more... In the following we would like to present you advertising networks and sponsor networks especially for the crypto scene. These ad networks have been working seriously for years and have the advantage that they already have numerous registered publishers (a lot of good frequented websites). This way you can be sure that your advertisement will reach many potential customers (target group = crypto world).

Worldwide advertising networks and sponsor networks

The following services are suitable for both booking advertising and earning money. To book advertising you need (if not otherwise possible) an "advertiser" account. To earn money you need to create a "Publisher" account. You can earn Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies by placing banners or other advertising formats on your website or blog. To book advertising you must first transfer money or coins to your account there and then create a campaign. But you can find out everything else from the services themselves...


Adshares (the project behind adaround) is the first 100% decentralized marketplace for programmatic advertising, also being the most advanced blockchain-based project in the advertising market. We use our own, unique blockchain to connect publishers and advertisers allowing them to make direct deals.

Significantly lower fees compared to mainstream ad networks
Availability for small advertisers - no minimum budget
Innovation in ad delivery to prevent ad blocking

Availability for small publishers - no traffic requirements
Almost instant payments - automatic hourly transfers
Quick and easy registration

Adshares: Blockchain revolution in advertising

2. Mellowads

Leading bitcoin advertising network...welcome to simple, bitcoin banner and pop-under advertising! Over 8.2 billion banner and pop-under impressions served in the last 30 days Lowest fees around - only 10% for network campaigns and 0% (yes zero!) for direct campaigns.

Mellowads is without a doubt one of the largest coin advertising networks in the world. Be careful when registering as a publisher, because according to the Terms and Services, only sites that are listed in the Alexa Rank among the top 100,000 websites worldwide are allowed here. The top rankings result from the access figures of the websites. You can read the guidelines under Help in the menu.
Insider tip: Mellowads offers a great opportunity for people who want to advertise but have little budget available to send free advertising. If you sign up as an advertiser you can make a "claim" every day and get 100 - 1000 Satoshi credited for it. This credit you can not cash out but you can use it for your own small advertising campaign and thus advertise for free, curious? Click here to go to Mellowads.

Banner Mellowads

Mellow Ads FREE campaign results........

3. Ojooo

Ojooo means 100% client attention and positive reception of your brand. The Ojooo platform is a unique place the advertisers and the advertising addressees from all over the World meet, all interested in various goods or services. Most of the Ojooo Users are from Asia.

The profit that the advertiser gets is an unprecedented range and customer engagement. The addressees can use the earned BPV (Bonus Per Vies) points for exchanging them for the gift tokens and many more. Additionally, the addresses viewers may share the advertisements with one another getting special bonuses in return.

The Ojooo platform offers you as advertiser a unique opportunity of advertising absolutely any product or service in the Internet, within any country and to any target group you may imagine. Your offer may be presented to an unlimited number of prospects thanks to a long list of the end user devices such as all the variety of the PC's, tablets, smartTV and smartphones.

Ojooo is changing the world of Advertising